1. Natasja van der Horst: Director TodaysArt

2. Olof van Winden: Director Montevideo, Netherlands Media Arts Institute

3. Frank Madersloot: Artist

4. Bart Benschop: Artists

5. Mike Rijnierse: Artist

6. Leon Kuipers: Student, Artez (Art Academy Arnhem)

7. Luis Fernandez: Student, Rietveld Academy

8. Gé-Karel van der Sterren: Artist

9. Dina Roussou: Student, Rietveld Academy

10. Michael Schoner: Student, Rietveld Academy


One comment

  1. Tina Sejbjerg says:

    Hi everyone
    I was present in Den Haag too and got beaten by the police. I would like to join in doing the “aangifte” towards the police.
    Could you please contact me on the further procedure.