Dina Roussou

DINA ROUSSOU’s Statement against the violent acts of Police force in Binnenhof , Den Haag 26/06/2011.
Rietveld student.
I followed the MARS DE BESCHAVING on 26/06/11, starting from Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam by Bus at 11:30, to join the action in Den Haag. Arriving there,at the Malieveld, The Hague, where the organisators have made a peaceful gathering and manifestation against the cuts for the Arts and Culture. After the ending of this, around 3:30 we followed the crowd  towards the Binnenhof. Arriving there, already people were gathering and because we were lucking any other way of sound effects to make our presence clear or sufficient, we started to create sounds by our voices or by clapping hands.
Crowd was peaceful, the idea was to make a statement of presence.
Some had the idea to go outside the main entrance of the Tweede Kamer so we followed. By our arrival a bunch of Me police, horse forces and ME special tracks to collect humans already were there, next to the entrance. I was standing in the frond line. We start clapping again, shouting slogans, singing. There was ABSOLUTELY no sign of aggression, or trouble makers within the crowd. Everybody was peaceful demonstration against the Cuts for Art and Culture. I was at the first raw, just next to the entrance of the 2dekamer.
Suddenly , the frond raw of ME police, started waring their gloves, taking the special round piece of ‘thing’ (used to push people) and from behind them, towards the crowd, started coming police officers that before were not wearing their police uniforms, so were  till then unrecognizable, shouting at us that is either we leave or they take us. The police officer in front of me started pushing me and pocking me hard to cause pain with his glob to my ribs. People started panicking. I started taking to everyone, to remain to their position, we have every right to demonstrate, just to keep it calm, not cause any trouble, don’t resist but not leave!
Immediately after, we sat down, but if i remember well, already they had taken some people. Sat down with our hands in the air forming a peace signal. I have started talking to the ME police, that we are here in Peace, we don’t have aggression or wagons. Our only weapons is our pencils and markers, brushes, etc. We are artists, we do no harm than to declare our un-satisfuction about the new governmental strategies for cut the  funds for Art and culture.
Repeatedly ME police was poking us hard with globs, taking people whenever they could. People wer brutally taken, mostly with no resistance, the ones who resisted or taken by surpass, they were beaten up.
I had to declare my human rights again and again, my rights to demonstration. It seemed to work from time to time, but that was only because they still didn’t have new orders to follow. Then the orders came, from the CHEF police.
 They had started marching against us!!! That is, one row of ME police, one row of horse police, behind special trucks and in between, the police officers that i think they are the ones that can prosecute people. I thought this can’t be happening: they are gonna run over us with the horses and cars??? WHERE IS DEMOCRACY?? HUMAN RIGHTS???
Meanwhile all these, Police started making announcements that we have to leave, but the minute they started talking through megaphone,  the crowd was disapproving it, so everything was unclear to be understood.
They took violently the two guys sitting next to me, an elder woman was trying to escape from ME hands…We started confronting them, she is a senior citizen! they let her…
We had started walking backwards, then while i was pushed AGAIN, i fall over a bench, i said don’t push me, i have an obstacle infront, this action is gonna lead to falling over people, stop! we go, we back off, we came here in peace. Their eyes had a lot of aggression and passion for violence! ..and of course we were pushed out of Binnenhof, towards central station Den Haag.
I found my friends..
One of them was beaten with the glob behind here upper knee, she has a black, huge, bag bruise on the back of her leg.
Demonstration is a fundamental human right and there can be no law such as Binnenhof / Forbidden entrance. Any law as such is a non democratic, especially to a demonstrating crowd that had only their voices and clapping hands against brutality ME police. WE had caused no violent acts, no aggression. We were demonstrating in peace and the police actions were against any civil and human right.
Here by I attach pics taken by me and others as a proof of legacy.
Dina Roussou